• Coaching

    I coach proficient rock climbers and plateaued experienced winter climbers looking to steepen their learning curve on ice and mixed terrain or take their winter climbing game to the next level. I have been coaching ice and mixed climbing throughout the United States since 2002. Recently, I trained Sasha DiGiulian who red-pointed M10 and followed WI6 cleanly after only a week of my coaching. Basically, my training is a direct regimen: together we climb sick mixed, ice and/or alpine routes, I push you outside of your comfort zone, and you accelerate your journey toward mastering winter and alpine climbing—all within tight safety tolerances.


Pure waterfall Ice or sport-mixed: $350/day
Traditional/remote mixed or alpine ice/mixed: $500/day
Multiple day trips/particular routes or objectives: Inquire

Photo: Will Mayo and Sasha DiGiulian
Photo Credit: Andy Mann / THREE STRINGS PRODUCTIONS http://www.3stringsproductions.com